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Thank you for visiting our new internet site.  The Credit Union hopes that this site will keep our members and furture members up to date with the many services the Credit Union offers.

If your employer is one of the companies the Credit Union services,  joining is easy.   Simply, you fill out a membership card along with a copy of a current drivers license and deposit $25.00 into a savings account .  Once you have a savings account with the Credit Union, you can take part in all the services the Credit Union offers.  Once a member you become a share holder of the Credit Union and even if you retire or leave your employer you are a share holder for life with an open savings account.  Once you are a member of the Credit Union, any immediate family member becomes eligible to join the Credit Union and take part in all the services that are offered.

If your employer is not part of a Credit Union and your employer is in our area,  please contact the Credit Union to see how we can make your employer part of the Credit Union.